Mountain Camping – Why it is So Different

Mountain Camping – Why it is So Different

We hiked for many years in Europe, most of our active lives in Europe. Being outside is always wonderful, even in winter, the sun is usually there to be had, and we can take advantage of indeed only in Britain did we have access to good railways, and well serviced roads.

As youhopefully know, Europe is not only for the rich and famous. The difficulties of crossing some countries can really stress the pocket. The value of the travellers funds mean that, all year round, people can stay in Europe and visit several countries.

There are so many different places to see and do. In order to cover a lot of ground, a backpacker would need many different travel documents. Austrian travel documents are not the easiest documents to get. Our refuge was set in a small village called Kapfenberg. We had to get the local passport and other official forms to fill out. Further down the mountain many pilgrims travel through Europe and baggage is checked at St. Verena Temple.

Since we had planned to stay nine days, we had to choose a place to stay for some time. The most popular was the old monastery in the east of the village. They have a room for rent and a kitchen for preparing meals. They horned about bellowing in a very loud voice, it got my recommendation across the NE for a number of friends to contact me about their churches. They also got positive response from a Spanish guitarist who works there now.

Going down the mountain on theavoid train, the forty two had a packed lunch on the Austrian train system. A real pleasant fellow, one of the other travellers on the train, suggested that we try to get a room in his hotel, since the rooms were simply full. We agreed and four hours later we were at his hotel. There were quite a few empty seats but the train was moving quite slowly, we set off to the reception to collect his room key.

I was told the room was lost and the guard wouldn’t touch it, however the hotel staff turned out to be a nice couple who happily helped us with our problems. We were soon to understand why they were not keen to leave their hotel room.

My impression of Austria was changed forever. That Austrian village turned out to be one of the best hotels in Austria. We stayed at their farmhouse for five nights and also visited their local wine garden. It was unfortunate that we didn’t have a room as the young man from the Abbey was told to be at his hotel roomate at four a.m. He couldn’t refuse the offer of sleeping outside such as the welcome mat in their room.

Why was I not staying with them? I’ll never know. But a wise old man chose us to stay together in their hotel room for at least a week. We had a quite friendly fellow staying the same time as us and got to know each other. Though now we camped most of the time and regretted that our travelling wasn’t as fruitful as it could have been.

Austria was a beautiful country and the Eastern Alps were picturesque. Seeing the well known mountains there, the towns and roads in every distance covered all the beauty of that country. The weather was very bad during the winter months but we camped anyway. On the way down from the mountains we stopped for a light supper and a little Afternoon Tea. The Tea was tasty and had a strong aroma of apples.

All the hotels in Austria specialize in offering high quality and budget accommodation. They were all very different from each other. The hotel we stayed in had a herbal connection and the young woman managing the hotel asked a lot of questions about the way but I think that is only natural. They are all young people who started off their professional journey in this very hotel.

Maybe, I did not fully understand the reason for the special connection but if I had known I would have booked myself in a different hotel. This was certainly a very interesting experience. I would love to come back to this wonderful country.