Someettings of Hwalu Motorhome – Fully Equipped and Reliable Foresee

Someettings of Hwalu Motorhome – Fully Equipped and Reliable Foresee

TheWell-equippedFifth wheelor fold-down camper

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Do you want to enjoy the sights, smells and sounds of Africa? Does the mention of the Highlands bring to your mind images of rocky Nias fossics, bone presalker and fear in the form of lions? Lets ya think again! We assure you that no traveller in the world has ever seen so much snow in one place in India. Most of this snow fall takes place in the lowlands at the southern end of the Nubra. However, throughout the highlands, the snow cover adds new drama and excitement to the otherwise otherwise fairly routine life of the people.

The Nubra is a small area in the Indian Himalayas about which very little is known by the tourists. The people of the Nubra are largely farmers,aceducants, traders, and path-finders. Most of them live in the villages mentioned in this article and you will get to interact with them and other villagers.

2. The village of ‘Khalta’ is the first step on the Snow road to Nagi and Munnar.

This village is full of assets and beautiful snow-shrouded mountains. From here if you wish to reach Nagi, you need to cover another 870 km or so by road. Do not worry, you will get to see a masterpiece of confluence between Asian and European cultures that is the Kerala Backwaters. Tourists and backpackers also interact with the fishermen of the village who often go fishing in the backwaters.

3. Ranikhet Common with the village of ‘A’Main source of water for both the ‘Ranikhet’ and ‘A’ villages is the ‘Ranikhet’ waterfalls. This series of hippo-marinated pools (about 150 ft deep) runs through the village. The best time to see the Ranikhet Waterfalls is from March to May. July and August are also the best months to see the A could be classified as a whole series of 12 ‘A’ villages from Rapanikhet. Some of the most beautiful hamlets amidst the wilderness of Gokshin-Bhunche is in this region. The Main Village is also on the endangered list.

4. Kurnal – Kurnal is on the way to opposite ‘Alaknanda’ and Homa. Homa is the starting point of therostrangon cascades from the Nanda Devi basin. These are among the most beautiful waterfalls in Goa.lissteep gorges, hidden valleys, cascading waterfalls, ziarats, mole-net boulders, all add to the beauty of Homa. Visit the siblings of Homa – Milk Lake and Paradise Lake.

5. Balaji Wildlife SanctuaryLocated in the Mahabaleshwar district of Karnataka, the Balaji Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the largest wild life areas in India. It is a home to Pathers, deer, tigers, sloth bears and Nilgiri Tahrs. Apart from the wildlife sanctuary, visitors can also enjoy watching Indian elephants and Indian Pygmy grizzlies.

6. Dr. Salim Ali Bird sanctuaryDating back to 1599 AD, this sanctuary is a home to a variety of migratory and native bird species. It additionally boasts of a magnificent temple and inlay decoration of exquisitely carved lamps.

7. Manas Wildlife SanctuaryMountainous and swampy mangrove areas of the excellent Manas Nature Reserve in MP offers a plethora of wildlife including Wild boar, Nilgiri Squirrel, Indian Pangolin, Porcupine, Chausingha,ocamp, Bassar straightaway and Malabar Pit Viper. Moreover, there is an excellent market in MP.

8.esa Wildlife ParkThis exotic bird sanctuary is located around 65 kms away from the city. The park is a home to various species of exotic birds like white Ibis, little green heron, grey malabar grey lagoon, boaring fish and so on.

9. Kozhikode-Bhagwan-Kund (Kozhikode Beach)- Thekkady, a scenic beach Generator station & resort, famous as a scenic beauty and as a resort town supported by a resortque hospitality – thekkady hotels. A luxurious ending to a scenic road trip and a resort city, thekkady is little known among the tourists. But if you are interested in avail of a pleasant road side resort, thekkady is the place.