The History of the Adirondack Region

The History of the Adirondack Region

The History of the Adirondack Region is a tale well worth telling. It is a tale that’s worth re-telling again. The best part of this history, other than the wonderful memories you will have while in the area, is the history of the homes you will find there. These homes date back to the early 1800’s when Dutch, English and Native Americans made this their home.

The area was referred to at one time as “The Dutch Village” because so many of the people who settled here originally came from Holland. At one time during this period, the area had more than one hundred Dutch cottages and most of these were scattered around the area. You can see Dutch cottages on the National Register of Historic Places list. This because these were the homes where Dutch, English and Native American pioneers would come to make a home for themselves.

Over the years, these cottages changed hands many times. One of the most popular owners was John Alden, who owned about forty Dutch cottages in the area. He became very popular with the locals because he entertained them and gave them interesting stories about their heritage. You can still see some of the furnishings from his favorite spots in the area today.

John Alden also owned a very unique home that wasn’t really a cabin at all. It was an Adirondack style house and it was built on top of a mountain. This structure still exists today, although it’s not as impressive as it was then. In fact, it’s not even a real house, but it does serve as a park that you can take family and friends to for a picnic and fun-filled outdoor experience.

John Alden also had a log cabin that was built for his daughter. This one still exists and is called Hope Hall. In addition, the family had a store front on Main Street known as the White House. This was the store where President Ulysses S. Grant dined and shopped when he was in the area. You can also picture President Grant’s secretary sharing lipstick from a famous lipstick song in this historic store.

A very important part of the Adirondack region’s history is that it was a way to keep your feet warm in the winter time. Many of the homes were built with wood burning stoves which emitted heat. It was also hoped that this would keep the homes more private and would help people to preserve more of their culture. There was even an entire village located around one of the homes and this was the location where many famous lovers got married.

Today, you can still see some of the items from this unique era. For example, you can still find the original fireplace in many homes that date back over a century. You also can view many beautiful gardens, which are located around the historic areas. There is also an abundance of wildlife that still resides in the area. These include deer, elk, moose, and numerous other species.

The history books are going to continue to tell the amazing stories of the people and the environment of the Adirondack region for many years to come. Anyone who enjoys the history of the Adirondack will also enjoy spending a few days on the grounds visiting the various historical sites and trying to relax by enjoying nature. The Adirondacks is not just a vacation spot, it can be a family vacation home for generations to come. This is a unique home in a unique location that can be enjoyed by everyone.